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Smeg Instruments, Italy

Smeg has made a name for itself with its unique profile as a manufacturer of domestic and professional appliances that always pays close attention to the quality, technological content and design of its products.

These values come from Smeg’s deep-rooted company history. In fact, Smeg Instruments has been demonstrating these values for over 20 years in the medical and laboratory appliance sector, providing the added value of know-how that comes from the experience of its collaboration with professional operators in more than 30 countries worldwide.

With a complete structure that ranges from project design to after-sales service, Smeg Instruments offers state-of-the-art products, personalized solutions and flexible service.

The Smeg glassware washers may today be considered the technological benchmark in the glassware washing and disinfection sector. Every laboratory has its own particular professional washing problems: all of them, be it in general chemistry or bacteriology, organic chemistry or petrochemistry, food or pharmaceutics, have residues that need to be treated in a different and appropriate way to achieve the required level of cleaning and disinfection.
The range of professional Smeg washing and disinfection machines is manufactured in AISI 316L stainless steel and according to specific projects using professional materials and special components in order to achieve the best results from a technological point of view.

The range of machines meets the glassware decontamination requirements of laboratories operating in the general chemical, organic and petrochemical fields. For laboratories operating in the biological sector, Smeg guarantees complete biological decontamination.



The machine bodies of the GW3060 and GW4090 series must be equipped with trolleys and supports most suited to the specific treatment requirements of the different types of glassware used in the laboratory.
The various possible machine/trolley configurations described below are meant as a guide to help you choose the most appropriate solution for the type of glassware used.

Standard lower basket CS2 and upper basket with sprayer CS1-1.
In this configuration there are two washing levels with rotary sprayers where all the supports for the various glass items can be positioned (it can be used for washing beakers, test tubes, flasks, plates and various other materials). The upper basket CS1-1 can be positioned on two levels to make better use of the space.
Standard lower basket CS2 and upper injection basket. In this con­figu­ration there are two washing levels: a lower level with rotary sprayers to hold various supports (beakers, test tubes, flasks) and an upper level with a 40-position injection trolley LM40S (LM40SDS for machines with drying system).
This configuration allows simultaneous washing of narrow-necked and other types of glassware.
LM20 trolley (LM20DS for machines with drying system) one half with a multi-spigots injection system and the other half to hold supports. In this case, narrow-necked glassware up to 500 mm in height can be washed at the same time as test tubes. Compared to the configuration with two spraying/injection levels, this one has the advantage that you can wash glassware more than 245 mm in height.  
LM40 trolley (LM40DS for machines with drying system).
It may be considered as a universal injection trolley as it optimises washing of narrow-necked glassware of different sizes. It has a capacity of 40 items and can wash both large items and small flasks or bottles.
LM80 trolley (LM80DS for machines with drying system) with two injection levels for a capacity of 68 items.
This version maximises the injection washing capacity.

LPM20/20 trolley (LPM2020DS for machines with drying system): this system allows simultaneously washing narrow-necked glassware (flasks, beakers, round-bottom flasks) and 20 pipettes. It is a valid solution when needing to wash many different types of glassware at the same time without having to resort to a specific larger capacity trolley.