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For preparative HPLC, the column length is one of the keys to improve separation performance. However, there is a limitation of possible length due to the pressure problem.To solve this, recycling technique can be applied. After passing through the columns first time, recycling technique enables the same eluent with the target substances return to the same columns again and repeat the cycles until perfect separation is made as if using “simulated” infinite numbers of columns. Also while in recycling, there is no solvent consumption. This is the method you’fve been looking for.

Field of usage

Isolation at organic synthesis research institute

Our recycling preparative HPLC is used to isolate and separate impurities from target substance or purify the target substance. It is widely chosen at many organic synthesis research institutes for more effective separation, time saving and finding new approach of synthesis methods.

Isolation of biologically active substance
The recycling technique is also effective for the isolation, purification and extraction from natural products. In developing new medication, it is necessary to isolate biological active substance and collect large quantity of active ingredients.

Product features
Recycling function
Is installed into all of our models.

Wide model lineups
Applies a broad range of usage, we have developed wide lineups of models from compact manual operation model, all-automated operation model as well as process scale model depends on usability and quantity of collection.

Smart operation usability and safety
The main bodies are designed compact for space saving but enough to hold pump and detector(s). Also with concepts as preparative dedicated devise, usability and safety have been improved.

Wide selections of columns line up
Meet your needs. Especially, our attractive GPC /SEC columns work most effectively and escalate its capability with recycling technique, without try and error to find complicated separation condition or method.

  • LC-NEXT series 9110/9130
  • LC-9201/9204 Compact Model
  • LC-250HS Full Automated Large Scale Preparative Model
  • Column
  • Ultraviolet Detector
  • Refractive Index Detector
  • Degasser Unit
  • Chromatogram data acquisition system
  • Solvent Recycler