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Delivering the Best ELSD Universal Detection :

SofTA Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors (ELS Detectors) are high performance instruments used for liquid chromatography concentration detection.  ELS Detectors are an ideal alternative to refractive index and low wavelength UV Detectors for analytes with litter or no UV chromophore.

  • Rely on outstanding semi-volatile detection at ambient temperatures using patented Thermo-Split Technology and dual gas option
  • Attain stable baseline and response consistency across gradients without gas optimization
  • Achieve the narrowest peak widths of any ELS Detector to meet the speed requirements
  • Obtain reproducible droplet distributions, assured by thermally isolating the nebulizer from the spray chamber and drift tube
  • Reach low deduction limits using conventional HPLC Columns
  • Extend your qualification limits with a detector dynamic range of over 3 orders of magnitude
  • Low evaporation temperatures with high flow rates : 3 mL/min at 10 Deg C SC/40 Deg C DT
  • One clog-free 100% PFE nebulizer optimized for flow rates from 0.2 mL//min to 5 mL/min works for all applications
  • Fast start up , no consumable parts and low – cost operation