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Modular Polishing Type I System

Modular Polishing Type I System:
System delivers up to 14 liters per minute of Type 1
quality, ultra pure water at the point-of-use dispense.
Whether you need water for media or reagent
preparation or for microbiological buffer preparation,
our system can provide you with water whenever you
need it.
General Description:
The MODULAB® High Flow water system is a
modular, point-of-use polishing system which
consistently provides high quality Type 1 water (up to
18.2 MΩ - cm @ 25 ºC) with flow rates up to 14 lpm
(3.7 gpm) of pretreated water.
The MODULAB® High Flow system is a wall
mountable unit that requires a minimal footprint for
The MODULAB® High Flow is delivered fully
assembled and functionally tested. Cartridges will need
to be purchased separately and should be installed after
the system has been safely mounted.
The system is offered in three configurations: 1) a low
TOC model 2) a low bacteria model and 3) a low
pyrogen model.