Zero Air Generator - GT Plus Zero Air Generator

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New look – new performance

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Flow rate 1500 / 3000 / 6000 / 15000 / 30000 ml/min

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Pressure up to 10 bar (160 psi)

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Zero air purity 0.1 ppm HC, 5 ppm CO2, 0.1 ppm CO, 0.1 ppm NOX and SOX

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Minimal maintenance

The GT Plus Ultra-Zero Air Generator are designed to supply ultra pure hydrocarbon-free zero air for GC-FID applications. Catalytic oxidation technology eliminates hydrocarbons to 0.1ppm, resulting in a flat, stable baseline, increased sensitivity, and repeatable analysis. 

The GT Zero Air Generator removes CO, CO2, NOX, SOX, and water vapor, making it ideal for demanding applications such as TOC, continuous emissions monitoring, and process control applications.