The following categories are available in Consumables products:

Hamamatsu D2 Lamps for HPLC Detectors / UV – Vis Spectrophotometers

Leading manufacturers such as.
• Shimadzu UV 1200 / 1650 / 1800 / 2450
• Shimadzu LC-2010 / Prominence / Prominence I series
• Agilent 1100 / 1200 / 1290
• Waters 2487 / 2996
• Waters Acquity
• Thermo / Dionex UV / PDA
• Hitachi UV / Fluorescence Spectrometer
• Merck Hitachi Lachrom HPLC Series
• Jasco HPLC

Top reasons to buy our Lamps
• Superior quality
• OEM Equivalent Lamps with 2000 hours warranty
• D2 Lamps price less than 30% of OEM
• ISO certified
• QC tested for final intensity readings
• Lamps certified for quality at every step
• Price saving benefit without compromising

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HPLC Solvents Caps

Features :
• Bottle caps maintain solvent purity
• Waste solvent vapors safely contained
• Absorb hazardous vapors
• Protects the Environment and Your Analytical Results
• Easy to Use and Change Your Bottles
• Maintain a Safe and Compliant System
• Easy to Connect and Reliable
• Simple & Adaptable
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Suction Filters

Features :
• Can fit into any make of HPLC.
• PTFE cap provides a leak proof sealing when the filter gets blocked.
• Filter element is passivated with nitric acid and washed with solvent to remove any traces of oils

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Evoqua (Formerly Siemens) Water Purification System :

Only new, specially selected and certified materials are used for the treatment steps in our ultrapure water systems.

High quality, virgin electronic grade ion exchange resins are used in cartridges and systems. Resins and treatment media go through a rigorous R&D stage before approval for use to ensure high quality and zero leachable material that could interfere with water quality. Upon delivery, each resin must pass incoming quality control inspection tests. Materials are strictly stored and handled according to our standard operating procedure to prevent contamination.

Carefully selected activated carbon is used in the systems to produce pure  water with extremely low organic contaminants. However, different types are available depending on the required  water quality or application.

All activated carbon materials undergo a complete cleaning process prior application to remove particles and impurities. This involves an acid wash followed by rinsing the carbon with ultrapure  water.. All wetter parts within the systems are specially selected and tested to ensure purity. Tests are performed to determine there are no extractable metals or TOC released from the water contact parts.

The purification modules are accurately designed to ensure complete wetting of the activated carbon to remove entrained air and purge the systems.

Mixed bed resin modules must have the correct moisture content and fill  level to ensure quality & operating capacity.  Rapid filling of the modules is essential to prevent excess air contact and avoid the uptake of carbon dioxide.

An environment free of organic contaminants during the cartridge filling  process plays a vital role in producing ultrapure water. Modules are sealed with airtight end caps to prevent drying and are shrink-wrapped to prevent contamination.

Modules should be stored in a cool, dry location (< 20 °C) away from light.